The Ultimate Due Diligence Report on PEPE Token (PEPE)

The Ultimate Due Diligence Report on PEPE Token (PEPE)

1. Executive Summary

Overview of the PEPE Token and its unique value proposition.

The PEPE token, inspired by the Pepe the Frog meme, stands out for its deflationary mechanism and redistribution system, making it unique in the crypto world. With a total supply of 420 trillion tokens, 93.1% allocated to the liquidity pool, and the remaining 6.9% locked for future use, PEPE's value may increase due to scarcity. Its ERC-20 technology on the Ethereum blockchain ensures secure transactions. Despite its meme origins, PEPE has surged in popularity, boasting a market cap exceeding $5 billion, showcasing its potential and community-driven ethos.

Brief summary of PEPE TOKEN investment.

Opportunity Pepe (PEPE) presents a compelling investment opportunity in the meme coin market. With Elon Musk's endorsement driving short-term gains and a bullish 2030 prediction of $0.0000304, Pepe offers potential returns

Its unique branding, community focus, and commitment to meme culture position it for growth. Despite volatility, Pepe's surge in popularity and developer distribution aim to enhance investment stability. Investors should monitor market trends and consider Pepe alongside other meme coins for a diversified investment approach.

2. PEPE TOKEN Overview

Mission and Vision: PEPE TOKEN long-term objectives.

PEPE TOKEN's mission and vision are rooted in its commitment to decentralization, setting it apart from other cryptocurrencies. It operates on the Ethereum network, inspired by the popular internet meme Pepe the Frog, fostering a strong community on various social media platforms PEPE's long-term objectives include maintaining its status as a deflationary memecoin, focusing on its unique strategy and earning potential. The project aims to continue increasing network activity through innovative additions like a play-to-earn game and an NFT community.

PEPE's decentralized nature and meme culture foundation contribute to its distinct position in the crypto landscape, making it a notable contender among other meme coins and projects.

PEPE TOKEN Problem Statement: Challenges or gaps PEPE TOKEN aims to address. 

PEPE TOKEN aims to address challenges in adoption, liquidity, exposure, competition with other meme coins, and regulatory obstacles to reach a value of $0.0001 next month. The token has experienced a remarkable price journey, with recent fluctuations and market correction affecting its performance. PEPE's price has shed over 10% of its value, trading in a descending channel since early March, with support levels at $0.0000021 offering potential stabilization points.

Despite these challenges, PEPE's distinct platform for buying and selling rare Pepe-themed NFTs has made it a strong challenger in the NFT market, attracting the interest of investors and collectors alike. The 2024 bull market presents an opportunity for PEPE to capitalize on the upward trend, potentially yielding up to 20x profits for investors.

Solution: How the PEPE TOKEN proposes to solve these problems.

The PEPE TOKEN proposes to solve the problems associated with meme coins by implementing strategic token allocation. By sending 93.1% of the total supply to the liquidity pool and burning the LP tokens, the token ensures effective utilization and promotes long-term stability. Additionally, the remaining 6.9% is held in a multi-sig wallet for use in CEX listings, bridges, and liquidity pools, further enhancing its potential for growth and adoption.

In the broader context of blockchain technology, the concept of "intent-centricity" offers a solution to enhance security, efficiency, and user experience. By focusing on the intent behind transactions, blockchain networks can implement more robust security measures, operate more efficiently, and provide a more intuitive user interface. While PEPE TOKEN does not explicitly address these aspects, its strategic token allocation aligns with the broader trend of optimizing blockchain networks for better performance and user satisfaction.

3. PEPE TOKEN Technology and Product

Technical Architecture: Overview of the blockchain and other technologies used.

Pepe Token operates on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing its smart contract functionality and decentralized nature.

The tokenomics involve a deflationary mechanism to decrease supply over time, increasing scarcity and potential value. Pepe Token is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) based on the popular internet meme character Pepe the Frog, created by artist Matt Furie in 2016.

Pepe Tokens are unique and can be bought, sold, and traded on blockchain platforms, with attributes and characteristics assigned to each token. The token's value is determined by market demand, rarity, and overall sentiment within the NFT community. 

Pepe Token's architecture supports decentralized apps (dApps), and its open architecture allows developers to create and deploy smart contracts easily.  The platform's governance model is democratic, giving users the ability to participate in decision-making processes and shape the future direction of the platform. Pepe Token offers enhanced security, scalability, and seamless integration with other blockchain-based applications.

Product Offering: PEPE TOKEN Description of the product or service, including its development stage.

PEPE Token is a digital asset offered by Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange It is part of a promotion where users can complete a quiz and receive 700,000 PEPE tokens in locked products. The development stage of PEPE Token is not explicitly stated in the search results, but it is likely that it is a newly launched token, given the nature of the promotion.

The PEPE Token promotion is designed to encourage user engagement and education about the token. By completing the quiz, users demonstrate their understanding of PEPE, which may help to foster a community of informed and invested token holders. The locked products suggest that there may be a vesting period for the received tokens, which could help to stabilize the token's price and promote long-term holding.

While the specific use cases for PEPE Token are not detailed at this time, other digital assets, such as MiraQle (MQL), have revenue models that allow fans to use tokens in various services, including album production and purchasing artist goods. It is possible that PEPE Token could have similar use cases in the future, but this is purely speculative based on the limited information available.

Innovation: How PEPE TOKEN innovates or improves upon existing solutions.

PEPE TOKEN innovates by enhancing existing solutions through mechanisms like rigorous project management. It focuses on renovation and innovation to improve MAP products, showcasing a commitment to advancing and monitoring projects effectively

This approach aligns with a drive for change and improvement seen in various sectors, emphasizing the importance of innovation in refining and advancing solutions.

Roadmap: PEPE TOKEN Development milestones, past achievements, and future goals.

The PEPE TOKEN's roadmap focuses on sustainable value creation, community engagement, and meme culture integration. It emphasizes a deflationary token model, passive income for holders, and a strong community-driven approach. The project aims to learn from past meme token mistakes, avoid pump and dump schemes, and build a reliable and engaged community for long-term success.  By offering a unique value proposition through its deflationary model and meme culture focus, PEPE TOKEN strives to establish itself as a trusted and sustainable meme token in the market.

4. Market Analysis of PEPE TOKEN 

Target Market: Size, demographics, and behavior of the potential market.

The target market for Pepe Coin is a diverse group interested in meme culture and cryptocurrency trading. The market size is significant, with a current market cap of $2.87BThe demographic is broad, attracting digital-native investors and meme coin enthusiasts. Market behavior varies, with a blend of bullish and bearish sentiments reflecting the coin's volatile nature and speculative forecast.

Despite lacking fundamental underpinnings, Pepe Coin's success cannot be ignored, as it challenges traditional financial paradigms and reshapes investment strategies.

Competitive Landscape: Analysis of competitors and PEPE TOKEN position in the market.

The competitive landscape for PEPE TOKEN includes a dynamic and fast-paced market with high price volatility. PEPE's price often increases, influenced by endorsements from celebrities on social media. The crypto market, including PEPE, tends to follow Bitcoin's price moves due to its large market cap.

Government regulations, such as tax policies and mining restrictions, can affect PEPE's Price. PEPE is an ERC-20 token operating on the Ethereum blockchain, with its value derived from its cultural and meme-inspired appeal. To purchase PEPE, individuals need a compatible cryptocurrency wallet and access to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports PEPE trading. Factors influencing PEPE's exchange rate include scarcity, newsmakers, and technological innovation.

Market Trends: Current and anticipated trends that could affect PEPE TOKEN.

Current and anticipated market trends that could impact the PEPE token include:

Price Volatility: The PEPE token has experienced significant price fluctuations, influenced by factors like token burns and market speculation.

Influence of Whales: Large token holders moving PEPE coins to exchanges can impact prices, indicating potential profit opportunities and investor interest.

Influencer Endorsements: Endorsements from figures like Elon Musk have led to price surges, highlighting the impact of social media influencers on token value.

Competition and Rivalry: Rival tokens like Shiba Budz are emerging, potentially shifting investor focus and prompting diversification decisions within the meme coin sector.

Utility Development: The future success of PEPE may hinge on real-world applications and long-term utility development to sustain investor confidence and price stability.

These trends underscore the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and the importance of factors like community engagement, utility, and external endorsements in shaping the value of tokens like PEPE.

5. Team and Advisors

Backgrounds: Experience and expertise of PEPE TOKEN founding team and key members.

The PEPE TOKEN founding team and key members bring diverse expertise:

Founding Team: Antonio Correa, François Gueneau de Mussy, Joaquín Brenner, and Felipe Urzúa, engineers from top Chilean universities, with Ianai as CEO, a former Global VP of Partnerships at dLocal, known for scaling companies

Key Members: Carol, Dave, and Eve lead operations, growth, and design respectively, each with extensive experience in their fields.

PEPE TOKEN Advisory Board: Influence and contribution of the advisors.

The PEPE TOKEN Advisory Board significantly influences the project by contributing expertise and guidance, particularly after the unexpected token transfer incident in August 2023.

This event led to concerns about the project's future, prompting the addition of new advisors to provide stability and direction. The advisors' influence is evident in the subsequent burning of tokens to reduce supply and increase value, as well as the project's ongoing development efforts, such as community partnerships, exchange listings, and the establishment of a Pepe Academy. The advisors' roles are crucial in restoring confidence and ensuring the project's continued success in the cryptocurrency market.

Team Structure: PEPE TOKEN Effectiveness of the team's organization and communication.

The PEPE TOKEN team has undergone substantial transformations due to unanticipated token sales and internal disputes. Despite these hurdles, the team has launched a utility-based token and worked towards enhancing the project's tokenomics. The team's structure and communication were put to the test, notably with the transfer of 16 trillion PEPE tokens across exchanges, influencing the token's value. Nevertheless, the team has proactively tackled challenges, showcasing resilience and adaptability in the midst of adversity.

6. PEPE TOKEN Tokenomics and Financials

PEPE TOKEN Utility: The purpose and use cases for PEPE TOKEN.

 PEPE TOKEN's utility lies in its ecosystem, offering value through digital item purchases, community policy voting, and access to premium content. With a total supply of 420,690,000,000,000 tokens and 93.1% in circulation, PEPE's value can increase with demand due to its limited availability. The token allocation strategy includes distributing tokens to the liquidity pool, burning a portion, and holding the rest for future development and exchange listings. PEPE incentivizes long-term holding, maintains scarcity through burning mechanisms, and operates with a "No Taxes, No Bullshit" policy to attract users and create a sustainable ecosystem.

PEPE TOKEN Distribution: Allocation of tokens (e.g., team, advisors, public sale).

PEPE token distribution involves allocating tokens to various stakeholders, such as the team, advisors, and the public. A good token allocation should balance the interests of investors, the team, and users. 

The token distribution for PEPE is not explicitly stated in the search results. However, the PEPE team has allocated $500,000 worth of tokens for distribution to Binance users through various campaigns, which could trigger bullish action among retail investors.

In general, fair launches distribute tokens to all participants equally, aiming to eliminate team incentives and prevent token distribution before the general public can access the platform.

Pre-sales, on the other hand, provide tokens to prospective investors before the ICO, offering an opportunity for investors to invest in a cryptocurrency before it enters the market and appreciate. It is essential to consider factors such as the token distribution in the market, the degree of decentralization, and the demand for the token when evaluating a token's potential.

For PEPE, the top 100 holders currently own 42.76% of the supply, indicating a degree of centralization. The demand for PEPE is determined by various factors, including the utility of the token, its relative scarcity or abundance, and social and cultural drivers of demand.

Financial Model: PEPE TOKEN Revenue streams, cost structure, and profitability projections.

PEPE TOKEN's financial model is based on revenue derived from utility tokens, which offer benefits to holders. The search results do not provide specific details on the project's cost structure. However, the team's actions to address internal conflicts and unexpected token sales suggest a dedication to transparency and stability. Although profitability projections for PEPE TOKEN are not available, the token's popularity and utility-based approach indicate potential for growth and profitability.

Funding History: PEPE TOKEN Previous funding rounds, investors, and current valuation.

PEPE Token, a meme coin inspired by Pepe the Frog, experienced a rapid surge in value, exceeding a $1 billion market capitalization shortly after its launch in April 2023. This surge resulted in significant profits for early investors, with some seeing returns of over 4,500,000%. However, concerns have been raised by analysts regarding the token's centralization and liquidity issues. Notably, six wallets hold more than $1 million in PEPE each, potentially exerting influence on the token's price. Liquidity challenges could impede investors from realizing their profits, exemplified by a PEPE token holder facing a daunting 46,200-year timeline to liquidate their holdings at current demand levels. Despite these challenges, PEPE's value surged by 240% in the last day, peaking at $0.000000342851. Nevertheless, converting these gains into tangible profits may prove challenging due to the liquidity constraints previously mentioned.

7. PEPE TOKEN Community and Ecosystem

Community Engagement: Size, growth, and engagement levels of the community.

The Pepe Token community and ecosystem have a strong, engaged community of supporters, with over 529,000 followers on a popular platform as of December 2023.

The project's community engagement strategies tap into the broader internet culture, appealing to meme enthusiasts and collectors.

Pepe Coin employs a reflection protocol, rewarding holders and incentivizing community participation.

The integration of the Pepe token into the Onyx Protocol, allowing for the secure, decentralized supplying and borrowing of Pepe tokens within the ecosystem, is expected to attract new community members and expand the market reach.

The Pepe token's unique qualities, such as its connection to internet culture and digital finance, make it a valuable addition to the Onyx Protocol.

The community's passion and energy, combined with the project's unique gamification aspect, contribute to its success and growth.

Partnerships: PEPE TOKEN Strategic alliances and partnerships.

PEPE Token, inspired by the Pepe the Frog meme, has made strategic moves towards partnerships. The project converted approximately 169 billion PEPE tokens, worth around $200,000, for strategic partnerships.

This conversion signifies PEPE's commitment to forming alliances that can potentially boost its utility and value in the crypto market. Additionally, PEPE has announced a transfer of 418 billion tokens, worth $506,000, to Binance Earn, indicating a partnership with the prominent cryptocurrency exchange. These strategic moves demonstrate PEPE's intent to build a strong network and expand its presence in the crypto space.

Network Effects: PEPE TOKEN The project's strategy for achieving and benefiting from network effects.

Pepe Coin's strategy for achieving and benefiting from network effects involves a deflationary mechanism that burns tokens and redistributes rewards to holders, a redistribution system allocating 1% of every transaction to all token holders, and a no-tax policy promoting financial freedom and privacy options. By focusing on sustainable growth, decentralization, and tangible benefits for holders, Pepe Coin aims to gain popularity through listings and community-driven phases. However, challenges exist in establishing long-term investment appeal compared to competitors like Shiba Inu. Success relies on transitioning from an internet culture symbol to a cryptocurrency with real-world benefits, fostering adoption, forming partnerships, innovating, and building a strong community.

8. Risks and Challenges

Market Risks: PEPE TOKEN 

Exposure to market volatility and competitive threats.

PEPE token, a memecoin, faces significant market risks, including price volatility and potential losses due to sudden fluctuations. The token's price has already experienced a sharp correction after surging by over 2,000% since its debut a few weeks ago. Market manipulation is another concern, as the top 100 richest PEPE addresses control 45% of the token's circulating supply, increasing the risk of price manipulation.

Additionally, PEPE's relative strength index (RSI) has formed lower highs since April 30, indicating a bearish divergence and weakening upside momentum in the short term. Investors should be cautious and conduct thorough research before investing in PEPE, considering its high volatility and lack of intrinsic value.

Technical Risks: PEPE TOKEN Potential technical hurdles in development or deployment

The PEPE TOKEN, like any other crypto venture, faces potential technical hurdles in development and deployment. These challenges include regulatory uncertainties, market volatility, security concerns, scalability issues, and environmental concerns associated with certain consensus mechanisms.. Addressing scalability issues is crucial for broader adoption, as some blockchain networks face slower transaction speeds and higher fees during periods of high demand.

The Pepe Token, specifically Pepe 2.0, faces potential technical risks due to its 1% transaction tax, which differs from the tax-free original Pepe Coin. Additionally, as part of the BRC-20 token standard, meme coins like Pepe are experimental and lack broad utility, posing risks of technical uncertainty, overproduction, limited adoption, network congestion, and lack of versatility compared to Ethereum's ERC-20 standard.

These factors highlight the need for caution when dealing with Pepe Token and similar meme coins.


Regulatory Risks: PEPE TOKEN Legal challenges that could impact the project's viability.

The key regulatory risks and legal challenges facing the PEPE Token project include:

The anonymous nature of the PEPE Token, lacking a clear team or roadmap, raises concerns about regulatory scrutiny and potential legal actions.

Suspicions of founder-controlled wallets draining liquidity from PEPE Token's Uniswap pool, coupled with its small liquidity pool relative to its market cap, could lead to legal challenges impacting the project's viability.

The PEPE Token's lack of fundamental value, market volatility, and negative sentiment may result in legal actions or enforceable claims, jeopardizing the project's sustainability and investor trust.

These factors underscore the regulatory and legal risks associated with PEPE Token, highlighting challenges that could affect its long-term viability.

Other Risks: Any other potential risks not covered above on PEPE TOKEN.

In addition to the risks mentioned above, such as volatility, scams, and the unpredictable nature of meme coins, investing in Pepe Coin specifically comes with its own unique risks. The token's value is not based on any inherent utility or functionality, but rather on community engagement and buy-sell dynamics.

Additionally, the token's supply is large, which could potentially lead to inflation and a decrease in value over time. It's also worth noting that the token's market capitalization and trading volume are subject to change, and the token's price can fluctuate rapidly. Furthermore, the token's anonymous creators and lack of a formal roadmap or team may raise concerns for some investors. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly research and understand the token before investing, and to approach meme coin investments with a critical eye and a willingness to accept the potential risks.


Strengths: Internal factors that give the project an advantage.


Pepe Token has a strong and engaged community, which is essential for the success of any cryptocurrency project.

The project has a clear focus on software security, which is a growing concern in the industry.

Pepe Token has a team of experienced professionals with a track record of success in the field.

The project has partnerships with major universities and institutions, which provides credibility and access to resources.


The project is relatively new and untested, which may make it difficult to attract investors and partners.

The cryptocurrency market is highly competitive, and there are many other projects with similar focuses.

The project's success is heavily dependent on the adoption and use of the Pepe Token, which may be challenging to achieve.

The project may face regulatory challenges, as cryptocurrencies are subject to increasing scrutiny and regulation.


The growing concern around software security presents an opportunity for Pepe Token to differentiate itself from competitors.

The project's partnerships with universities and institutions provide opportunities for research and development.

The increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies provides an opportunity for Pepe Token to gain traction and attract users.

The project's focus on storytelling and brand innovation presents opportunities to create a strong brand identity and generate a premium effect.


The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and price fluctuations can have a significant impact on the project's success.

The project may face competition from established players in the industry, which may have more resources and credibility.

The project may face regulatory challenges, which could impact its ability to operate and attract investors.

The project's success is heavily dependent on the adoption and use of the Pepe Token, which may be impacted by market trends and user preferences.

PEPE TOKEN Weaknesses: Internal limitations or areas for improvement.

PEPE TOKEN, like other blockchain projects, faces internal limitations and areas for improvement. One such weakness is smart contract vulnerabilities, which can lead to unauthorized fund transfers and financial losses due to the complexity of these self-executing contracts. Reentrancy attacks, overflow and underflow, and unchecked low-level calls are examples of smart contract vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Additionally, the PEPE TOKEN project could potentially be affected by 51% attacks, where a malicious entity controls over 50% of the blockchain’s computing power, allowing them to manipulate the network, reverse transactions, and undermine security and trust.DeFi exploits, such as flash loan attacks and reentrancy exploits, can also pose a risk to PEPE TOKEN, as the rapid growth of Decentralized Finance has attracted attackers and led to substantial financial losses. Lastly, the PEPE TOKEN project could be vulnerable to physical attacks on blockchain infrastructure, such as mining farms and exchanges, which can disrupt operations and result in the theft of hardware and assets.

Addressing these weaknesses and fortifying the underlying technology is crucial for enhancing the resilience of PEPE TOKEN and ensuring its continued security and trustworthiness as a platform.

PEPE TOKEN Opportunities: External factors that the project could exploit to its advantage

The PEPE Token project has several external factors it can exploit to its advantage.

Firstly, the ongoing trend of gaming being a significant gateway to mass web3 adoption, presents an opportunity for PEPE Token to capitalize on the growing interest in web3 gaming. By integrating with other games and metaverses, PEPE Token can allow assets to flow between different platforms, thereby increasing its utility and value.

Secondly, the evolution of token utilities across various domains, such as in-game asset transactions and underpinning on-chain services like lending/borrowing platforms, provides PEPE Token with the chance to expand its functionality beyond mere incentive mechanisms.

Thirdly, the growing importance of interoperability between various NFT projects and metaverses means that tokens that work across multiple applications will capture more value. This interoperability can enhance PEPE Token's utility and appeal to a broader user base.

Lastly, the experimental and innovative nature of rebase tokens offers an opportunity for PEPE Token to explore alternative crypto stability, liquidity, and governance methods. By adopting such innovative approaches, PEPE Token can differentiate itself from other projects and attract participants who are at the forefront of experimentation in decentralized finance.

Threats: PEPE TOKEN External challenges that could pose risks to the project.

The PEPE token, a meme coin inspired by Pepe the Frog, could face external challenges that may pose risks to the project. One such challenge is the association of the original meme with negativity and the "alt-right" movement, which could potentially impact the token's reputation. Additionally, the meme coin market is known for its volatility, and the success of PEPE could attract competitors, potentially affecting its market position and value.  Furthermore, the lack of specific details in the project's roadmap raises questions about its direction and long-term vision, which could impact investor confidence. Lastly, the overall crypto market sentiment and regulatory environment could also impact the PEPE token's performance.

10. How PEPE TOKEN works with 

Possible collateral type: 

The Standard protocol allows users to leverage PEPE TOKEN as collateral to secure loans in EUROs and, in the near future, USDs, without any interest charges. This non-custodial system ensures a secure and user-controlled experience.

11. PEPE TOKEN Conclusion and viability score Final assessment and Score

Based on the provided sources, the conclusion regarding the PEPE token's viability and final assessment can be summarized as follows:

The PEPE token has shown significant price fluctuations and market movements, with predictions indicating both potential for growth and concerns about its long-term viability

The token's performance is influenced by factors like exchange listings, meme coin narratives, and broader market trends, suggesting a complex interplay of variables impacting its value

Recent developments, such as burning tokens to reduce supply and addressing internal issues like unauthorized transfers, have influenced investor sentiment and the project's credibility

The launch of PEPE 2.0, a derivative platform with improvements over the original token, has attracted investor attention and demonstrated efforts to enhance the project's sustainability and ecosystem.

The Pepe Token, based on the Pepe the Frog meme, has demonstrated resilience and a dedicated community, despite a substantial price decline from its May 2023 peak. The token's unique redistribution model and cultural relevance have led to a positive market outlook, with some experts predicting a potential 10x increase in January 2024. However, the token's long-term success depends on its ability to maintain community engagement and respond to market fluctuations. The token's price is subject to various factors, 

including exchange listings, meme coin narratives, and external influences like the Bitcoin halving. The absence of the meme's creator's direct involvement and regulatory scrutiny pose risks for investors. Therefore, potential investors are advised to conduct extensive research and due diligence before investing in the Pepe Token.


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