How Does The Referral Program Work?

The higher your position on the leaderboard, the better the rewards. Top performers will even receive tokenized physical gold! Earn points to secure your position in the rankings with waitlist referrals and other activities.

Top 1000

  • Limited Edition IBCO NFT
  • Future Rewards*
  • Early access to the IBCO
  • Get 1000 EURO worth of TST as a bonus**

Top 250

  • Rare IBCO NFT
  • More future rewards*
  • Early access to the IBCO
  • Instantaneously gets the Dedicated Member role on Discord
  • Get 2000 EURO worth of TST as a bonus**

Top 100

  • Super Rare IBCO NFT
  • Most future rewards*
  • Early access to the IBCO
  • Elite Member role on discord
  • 1 gram of tokenized gold by Vaultoro*
  • Get 4000 EURO worth of TST as a bonus**

* Rewards are conditional to IBCO participation.
** Appropriate airdrops are given after a user has committed more than 1K euro (made up of sEURO and USDT) of liquidity in stage two of the IBCO. TST is valued at 8 cents per TST. A maximum of 1.45 million dollars worth of TST is allocated to this airdrop.

There are bonuses for points collected!

Collect 10 TST airdrop if you
reach 50 points
Collect 60 TST airdrop if you
reach 70 points
Collect 200 TST airdrop if you
reach 70 points
We are ending the TST Airdrop portion of our referral campaign today, 25/OCT/2022, at 18:00 (6:00 PM) GMT.

The leaderboard referral competition is still in full swing.  This only applies to the airdrop bonuses of 10, 60, 200 TST for referrals.

The launch of the ultimate stablecoin protocol that bridges real-world assets into the digital landscape is almost here

Want exclusive prizes and early access to our first overcollateralized asset-backed stablecoin, the sEURO?

Join our referral program for a chance to get your hands on rare NFTs, our governance Token, TST, and more.

What is Operation Deep Liquidity?

To create liquidity for sEURO and subsequent stablecoins, uses a distribution model called an Initial Bond Curve Offering (IBCO), which will help stabilize the new project by growing the Protocol Controlled Value in its initial phase. An initial discount is given on the sEURO, starting at 20%, which means you can mint sEURO at a rate of 80 cents worth of digital assets to 1 sEURO. A liquidity bonding option will further allow sEURO holders to bond a liquidity pair (i.e., sEURO and USDT) for further rewards, paid out in TST.
The IBCO gives higher returns to those that get in early. By getting in early, you can almost instantly earn up to a 20% return and earn rewards in sEURO and TST.
Read on to learn here, or dive right in and join our waitlist.