Stablecoin Protocol.

Over-collateralised stablecoins backed by Gold, Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Instantly earn yield by participating in the initial minting event.
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Stablecoin Protocol.

Mint Stablecoins with 0% interest without giving up control of your private keys. Join the Next-Gen Decentralized Stablecoin protocol.

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Instantly earn yield by participating in the initial minting event (IBCO). Learn More

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Standard Euro (sEURO) Minting Event
You can participate minting the first stablecoins at a discount, getting quick yield for helping
building a secure protocol and provide liquidity for the protocols first stablecoin, the sEURO.
Initial Minting Event
Smart Contract audited by
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How does it work?
The discount curve will determine the discount you get for minting sEURO. The earlier you participate the bigger the discount. The more people participate in the minting event, the closer the price of sEURO will get to 1,00€ until it will reach the peg to the Euro. sEuro is not considered a stablecoin until reach the 1to1 peg to the Euro.
Instantly earn yield
Example: For minting 1000€ worth of sEuro you need to send 900€ worth of USDC to the contract.
sEURO is the first stable, decentralized currency launched on The Standard Protocol.
Backed, generated, and governed by users, not banks.
Use Cases
Use Cases
Decentralized governance
TST - Decentralized governance
The Standard Token or TST is the native governance/membership token of the protocol.
Circulating Supply
≈ 100 million
Last Traded Price
Become a member of The Standard Dao
Earn income, generated by the protocol
Get rewarded in Standard Token

What makes TheStandard different?

Not your keys, not your crypto.

Don't trust banks like BlockFi or Celsius to hold your collateral assets; Simply lock your collateral into a smart contract that only you control. It works like this:
Send crypto to a smart contract that you control
Mint new stablecoins as a 0% interest loan
Use those stablecoins to buy things without selling your crypto.

Why just USD?

Every fiat needs a blockchain equivalent, not just the US.
If you are a freelancer in India then you want to invoice in an INR-pegged stablecoin. The Standard aims to release a stablecoin for every major fiat.
This enables blockchain-based FX markets.

No interest when borrowing stablecoins.

Interest should not be at the base layer of money. When people mint new stablecoins into existence, they are borrowing against collateral they are locking up into smart contracts. These loans have zero interest and no time limit to pay back
0% interest loans
no time limit to pay back the debt

Don't miss out on moonshots

Just because you can't withdraw the collateral you have borrowed against doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to trade it for a token you think will moon or to tokenized gold in a bear market. The Standard enables you to do this
Trade into an asset that you think will moon
Trade into tokenised gold if crypto is bearish
Reduce chance of liquidation

NFTs arn't just for art.

We are building the next generation of dynamic DeFi NFTs. Every smart vault is represented as an NFT; whoever owns that NFT can pay the debt off and withdraw the collateral.  This enables people who have a large debt positions to sell that debt for fast liquidity.
Can't afford to pay off your debt but need liquidity?
Secondary DeFi debt markets
New use case for NFT's
Why is it called The Standard?

The Standard’s name comes from The Gold Standard. The perfect Gold Standard was fully backed by gold held by the state. The state would always convert 1 dollar for 1 gram of gold.

How do The Standard’s stablecoins stay stable?
The Standard Protocol enables anyone to lock up assets in a smart contract that only they control. They can then borrow stablecoins at at 0% interest.

The Peg is held using multiple mechanisms including:

  1. Stability pools offering stablecoins at a maximum 1% spread.
  2. Backed by multiple hard and digital assets.
  3. Stability fees.
Why another Stablecoin protocol?

The Standard DAO founders are old school crypto enthusiasts and developers  who have seen faults in every other protocol. The Standard was born out of necessity to build the ultimate stable cryptocurrency. Fully backed by hard and soft assets, 0% stability fee issuance, cross-chain and easy to use.

The Standard will become THE STANDARD when it comes to decentralised stablecoins on every major chain.

How are The Standard Stablecoins minted?

The first stablecoins will be minted via an initial bonding curve offering (IBCO).

What is an IBCO?
To build up the DAO's protocol controlled value (PCV) and bring deep liquidity to the stability pool, early participants will be able to buy sEURO at a discount. The discount will decrease with every sEURO purchased until we reach a 1:1 price. This discount curve will start at 80 cents for one sEURO.

The second stage of the IBCO will be a bond, offering people a strong return.

The PCV (liquidity) will be used to peg the stablecoins but also earns a yield for TST (The Standard Utility Token) stakers.

How does The Standard differ from failed stablecoins like Terra Luna's UST?

Joshua Scigala, one of the Co-Founders of The Standard and Vaultoro publicly stated in 2019 that Terra luna was going to fail. In fact, he stated that every algorithmic stable coin was going to fail because a real stablecoin needs real value backing it.

Luna was built with a Ponzi scheme mechanic at its foundation. UST was backed by a governance token (LUNA) that could be minted to infinity - this is exactly what happened.


Advisors to
The Standard Protocol

Hartej Sawhney

Smart Contract Security

Hartej Sawhney is the godfather of smart contract auditing, pioneering the industry in 2015. He Co-Founded Zokyo, a venture studio that builds, secures and funds crypto, DeFi and NFT companies, and also co-founded Hosho, which was ranked #1 Smart Contract security Auditor in 2019 by Forbes.

Dr. Jane Thomason

Advisor-DAO Governance

Dr Jane Thomason is a thought leader in technological innovation, fintech and blockchain for social impact. She was named by Forbes as a leader in Blockchain for Social Impact and is a published author. She holds a large number of academic and commercial positions including a seat on the board of a major bank and co-founded the British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association.

Faraj Abutalibov

Crypto VC Dubai /Mid East

Faraj is the founder of a Large crypto executives’ community with 430 C-Level executives from the crypto world. Mr Abutalibov is also a co-founder of the Crypto VC (Sharara) and crypto media (Gulf Crypto Insight).

Patri Friedman

Economic Philosophy / Decentral Planning

Patri comes from a long line of famous economists, he is the grandson of Milton Friedman and son of David D. Friedman. Patri is the founder of the Seasteading movement and advises many innovative governance focused organisations. Patri previously spent 10 years at Google as an engineer and 10 years as the GP of Zarco Investment Group. He has a BS in Math from Harvey Mudd College, an MS in CS from Stanford University, and an MBA from Cardean University.


What is sEURO?

sEURO is the first stablecoin to be released by The Standard Protocol followed by sUSD, sYEN, sGBP, sCHF, sCAD…

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Founders of The Standard Protocol

Joshua Scigala

Protocol lead
Co-Founder of one of the first bitcoin exchanges
In the bitcoin industry since 2010

Ana Valdes

Ecosystem Operations
+6 years success track record COO in the blockchain space
Postgraduate of the London School of Economics and holds a Master’s degree in Foreign Business Affairs.

Philip Scigala

CEO and Co-Founder of
coded one of the first bitcoin exchanges in the world
First person to implement the Bitcoin lightning network into an exchange