0% interest
DeFi loans.

Borrow without giving your collateral to a third party,
No KYC, No Trust Needed.

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Your Smart Vaults

Borrow with 0% interest

"Secure your crypto assets, such as ETH, WBTC, ARB, LINK, & PAXG tokenized gold, in smart contracts that you control and no one else, then effortlessly borrow stablecoins with 0% interest loans and no time limit to pay back.

No need to ever trust third parties like BlockFi, Silicon Valley Bank, or Celsius with your private keys.

Prevent losses by swapping locked collateral into tokenized gold in a bear market or your favorite coin in crypto bull markets.

Introducing EUROs:
The Next Gen Stablecoin

The ultimate scaling solution
for the ultimate stablecoin protocol

Early Bird Yield Incentives

There are huge incentives to grab by simply adding USDC.e
into the liquidity pools.

Built natively to
scale Ethereum
using Arbitrum

The ultimate scaling solution
for the ultimate stablecoin protocol

Stablecoins launch in two stages

Stage 1 (Live Now)

Initial minting event
Reward early adopters with discounted stablecoins to build liquidity in the stability pool.
As more people participate, the discount decreases until it reaches a 1:1 peg and becomes a stablecoin. This incentivizes early participation and helps establish the stablecoin's value.
Smart Contracts audited by
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Safe from Bank collapse
110% collateral*
Counterparty risk free
Full / above reserve
Layer2 Native / Arbitrum
Borrow at 0% interest
Trade locked collateral
Sell debt as NFT if needed
Multi collateral single vaults
Multi stablecoins output EUROs, USDs, INRs, GBPs...
* Liquity says they have a 110% collateral ratio, but anyone can execute a redemption if the peg of LUSD slips, so people can be randomly liquidated at any time even at a 300% collateral ratio.

Some details

Not your keys, not your crypto.

Don't trust banks like Silicon Valley Bank, BlockFi, or Celsius to hold your collateral assets; Simply lock your collateral into a smart contract that only you control. No one can touch your collateral but you!
Send crypto to a smart contract that you control
Everyone can see there is more collateral than stablecoins
All collateral is accounted for in real-time.

Not just USD pegged?

Every fiat needs a blockchain equivalent, not just the US.
If you are a freelancer in India then you want to invoice in an INR-pegged stablecoin. The Standard aims to release a stablecoin for every major fiat.
This enables blockchain based FX markets.
Global trade and remittances
Trillion dollar opportunity

No interest when borrowing stablecoins.

TheStandard's 0% interest borrowing is a DeFi game-changer, offering accessible financial solutions without added costs. As inflation now reduces the real debt burden, borrowers using TheStandard benefit from global inflation rather than suffer from it.
0% interest loans
no time limit to pay back the debt

Don't miss out on moonshots

The Standard gives you the option to trade locked collateral, which you have borrowed against, for an equal value of another crypto asset. This flexibility allows you to adjust your investments without paying back your debt and withdrawing the original collateral.
Trade into an asset that you think will moon
Trade into tokenised gold if crypto is bearish
Bot trading / auto trading
Reduce chance of liquidation

NFTs arn't just for art.

We are building the next generation of dynamic DeFi NFTs. Every smart vault is represented as an NFT; whoever owns that NFT can pay the debt off and withdraw the collateral.  This enables people who have a large debt positions to sell that debt for fast liquidity.
Can't afford to pay off your debt but need liquidity?
Secondary DeFi debt markets
New use case for NFT's

Protocol Roadmap

Phase 1

Planning and research
Planning and research
Write whitepaper
Onboard Advisors
Gather Developers
Raise seed round
Informative Landing Page
Design Front End
Legalities and Compliance
Smart Contract R&D

Phase 2

Launching MVP
Build Community
Over-Collateralise EUROs
Create Partnerships
Launch 1st Smart Vault
Launch Smart Vault NFTs
Launch on DEX
Code Audit
DAO voting

Phase 3

Collateral trading
Liquidation Pools
10 Collateral types
Launch USDs IBCO
CEX listing
Stop Loss, Alarms
USDs Smart Vaults
3 more Pegtokens
Payment process partners

Phase 4

World Domination
Release 10 Pegtokens
100+ collateral types
Smart DCA repay
15 tokenized gold partners
Share pegged Assets
Commodity pegtokens
Most major exchanges
Cross every major chain
Quantum entanglement

Governance / Membership

The Standard Token (TST)

The native governance/membership token of the protocol.


As a TST holder, you'll be part of TheStandard Protocol ecosystem, unlocking exclusive features and participating in governance decisions.

All fees collected from everyone borrowing or paying back debts are pooled and distributed to TST holders who stake and vote on protocol matters.

Income potential is boosted by TST scarcity through burning when users pay for unlocking features.


Earn fees paid into the protocol
Discounted transaction fees
Unlock features
Buy liquidated assets under market value
Advanced analytics and insights
Vote on the direction of the protocol

Use TST for

Collateral liquidation warning alarms
Auto collateral trading bot
Auto rebalancing of portfolio
Automated yield farming strategies
Access exclusive community events


Buy TST now on

Protocol Advisors

Patri Friedman

Economic Philosophy / Decentral Planning

Patri comes from a long line of famous economists, he is the grandson of Milton Friedman and son of David D. Friedman. Patri is the founder of the Seasteading movement and advises many innovative governance focused organisations. Patri previously spent 10 years at Google as an engineer and 10 years as the GP of Zarco Investment Group. He has a BS in Math from Harvey Mudd College, an MS in CS from Stanford University, and an MBA from Cardean University.

Hartej Sawhney

Smart Contract Security

Hartej Sawhney is the godfather of smart contract auditing, pioneering the industry in 2015. He Co-Founded Zokyo, a venture studio that builds, secures and funds crypto, DeFi and NFT companies, and also co-founded Hosho, which was ranked #1 Smart Contract security Auditor in 2019 by Forbes.

Dr. Jane Thomason

Advisor-DAO Governance

Dr Jane Thomason is a thought leader in technological innovation, fintech and blockchain for social impact. She was named by Forbes as a leader in Blockchain for Social Impact and is a published author. She holds a large number of academic and commercial positions including a seat on the board of a major bank and co-founded the British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association.

Faraj Abutalibov

Crypto VC Dubai /Mid East

Faraj is the founder of a Large crypto executives’ community with 430 C-Level executives from the crypto world. Mr Abutalibov is also a co-founder of the Crypto VC (Sharara) and crypto media (Gulf Crypto Insight).

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