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The Most Powerful Decentralised Stablecoin Infrastructure is Coming

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A stablecoin for every fiat on earth

Crypto freelancers can finally invoice in their local currency, not only USD

Over-collateralised NOT algorithmic

A serious global economic tool should not sit on top of interest-bearing loans

Pay 0% interest
to borrow

To always keep the peg there is more value locked than stablecoins in the economy

Auto collateral swaps
reduce liquidations

Protect borrowers by swapping locked collateral into a less volatile asset like gold

Simply the world’s ultimate stablecoin protocol

Decentralised Hard Peg

Holding between a 100 basis point spread

Simply the world’s ultimate stablecoin protocol

The Standard brings the best ideas & innovations together from everything that has come before

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Why is it called The Standard?

The Standard’s name comes from The Gold Standard. The perfect Gold Standard was fully backed by gold held by the state. The state would always convert 1 dollar for 1 gram of gold.

How do The Standard’s stablecoins stay stable?
The Standard Protocol enables anyone to lock up assets in a smart contract that only they control. They can then borrow stablecoins at at 0% interest.

The Peg is held with three mechanisms:

  1. A stability pool owned by the DAO will always offer to buy and sell the stablecoins with a max of 100 basis point spread. So sell for 1.01 and buy back at 99 cents, this creates an arbitrage opportunity for anyone noticing a slippage on any other exchange.
  2. For people that have taken out loans from their own collateral there is a huge opportunity to profit. If the price drops below 1:1 then it becomes cheaper to pay off your debt and unlock the collateral they have locked in smart vaults. This buying pressure demand from smart vault holders will lift the price back to a 1:1 peg If the price goes above then it incentives people to borrow more and this supply of new stablecoin will drop the price back to a 1:1 peg.
  3. While the protocol aims to always have a 0% interest/stability fee, there is a stability fee mechanism coded in in case of market "black swan" events. If there is a massive dislodge in the peg, then this fee can be initiated by the DAO on all smart vault loans that have minted the currency that is slipping strongly below its peg.  This fee will encourage people to pay off their loans by buying back cheap stablecoins. Borrowers are rewarded with an effective discount on their debt while avoiding the emergency stability fee. This buying pressure will lift the peg back to a 1:1.

Because there is always more collateral in the system than stablecoins floating around, the peg can never drop too far without arbitrageurs profiting by fixing the peg.

Why another Stablecoin protocol?

The Standard DAO founders are old school crypto enthusiasts and developers  who have seen faults in every other protocol. The Standard was born out of necessity to build the ultimate stable cryptocurrency. Fully backed by hard and soft assets, 0% stability fee issuance, cross-chain and easy to use.

The Standard will become THE STANDARD when it comes to decentralised stablecoins on every major chain.

How are The Standard Stablecoins minted?

The first stablecoins will be minted via an initial bonding curve offering (IBCO).

What is an IBCO?
To build up the DAO's protocol controlled value (PCV) and bring deep liquidity to the stability pool, early participants will be able to buy sEURO at a discount. The discount will decrease with every sEURO purchased until we reach a 1:1 price. This discount curve will start at 80 cents for one sEURO.

The second stage of the IBCO will be a bond, offering people a strong return.

The PCV (liquidity) will be used to peg the stablecoins but also earns a yield for TST (The Standard Utility Token) stakers.

How does The Standard differ from failed stablecoins like Terra Luna's UST?

Joshua Scigala, one of the Co-Founders of The Standard and Vaultoro publicly stated in 2019 that Terra luna was going to fail. In fact, he stated that every algorithmic stable coin was going to fail because a real stablecoin needs real value backing it.

Luna was built with a Ponzi scheme mechanic at its foundation. UST was backed by a governance token (LUNA) that could be minted to infinity - this is exactly what happened.


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What is sEURO?

sEURO is the first stablecoin to be released by The Standard Protocol followed by sUSD, sYEN, sGBP, sCHF, sCAD…


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