0% interest crypto loans & yield pools

Non-custodial, so you keep your private keys. You can trade locked collateral, and there is no lock-up period. Liquidation pools earn ~ 10%

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How to earn a yield?

Place EUROs & TST into the liquidation pool

Launch the dapp, go to the yield account, and deposit TST and EUROs.

NOTE: Everything in TheStandard is non-custodial so no one can touch your funds but you!

Start earning a yield!

Your yield account will automatically buy ETH, ARB, LINK, WBTC, and other cryptocurrencies at 9.1% cheaper than their current market value.

Because you buy crypto at a 9.1% discount, you can simply sell for instant profit.

BONUS: The TST you stake will earn you EUROs, which automatically buy more discounted crypto.

Bulletproof security by design

All smart contracts are audited by 250+ independent security auditors using Cyfrin / CodeHawks!

Number of Auditors
Free & Open Source
Bounties paid
Smart Vaults opened

The Future of borrowing is here

A smart vault is a non-custodial wallet where you control the private keys, but it gets cooler!

Borrow against your portfolio at 0% interest
Buy crypto at a 9.1% discount
Trade and swap collateral
Earn EUROs for staking TST
Sell your debt on any NFT market plac
No lock in periods
No time limit to pay back debt

& earn yield

TheStandard.io makes it simple to borrow and earn a yield with your crypto without giving anyone your private keys. This means you control your portfolio and no one else, not even us. The way Satoshi wanted it.  

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Easy to create a smart vault

Log in with a web3 wallet like metamask and create a smart vault controlled by your keys. No one can access your crypto but you, not even TheStandard.

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Load collateral and borrow

Once you have sent crypto to your smart vault, you can borrow instantly; no KYC is required because you are borrowing from yourself!  A minimum of 110% collateral is needed.

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Your yield account

Simply place some EUROs and TST into your yield account to:

  • Automatically buy crypto like ETH and ARB at a 9.1% discount to market price, instant profit!
  • Automatically earn EUROs
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Fully featured to buy, trade and invest in crypto

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Watch on YouTube: "How to borrow crypto for zero percent interest using TheStandard.io"

Try decentralized borrowing today.

There is nothing like the feeling of being in control of your private keys while still being able to borrow against your portfolio

Borrow against some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

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What users say about us

“The best borrowing dapp”

No more needing to trust third parties like FTX, Blockfi or Celcius. This is truly non-custodial, so my private keys never leave my hands, and I can still borrow, trade and earn a real yield!!

DeFi deal hunter

“This is next level.”

I just borrowed €10K for 0% interest and placed it in my yield account. Bitcoin was trading at around $51,000, and my yield account purchased it for $45,945 with the EUROs I borrowed!

Epic DeFi, bringing tools on-chain that only Wall Street elite had!

DeFi guy for the last 3 years

The easiest way I have found to earn a yield

I found out about TheStandard from a Chainlink Twitter spaces episode, and man, I'm glad I tuned in. I understand why Chainlink invested in them through the Chainlink build program. This is hands down the best way to borrow and earn in web3.

DeFi is my life now

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