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The TheStandard is a next-generation borrowing protocol on the Ethereum virtual machine that enables people to borrow against their crypto portfolio at 0% interest with only 110% collateral and still trade and swap their collateral so as not to miss out on opportunities. All this without having to give anyone access to your crypto.

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Send / Receive Payments

The TheStandard smart contracts act like a wallet; you can send and receive to an address from anyone. You can then borrow against that if you want.

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Buy Crypto Cheap

With yield accounts, users automatically buy cryptocurrencies at a 9.91% discount! They can instantly sell that for a profit on any exchange. These cryptos are fees collected from users trading collateral, minting new debt as well as liquidated vaults.

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Tax Efficient

When you borrow against your crypto, you generally don't get hit with capital gains tax as you have not sold anything.
*Please check your local tax rules

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0% Interest Loans

And a true 110% collateral ratio minimum. Competitors say they are 110%, but many have been deceived by redemption bots. TheStandard is truly 110% No less, no more.

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We support 1,000+ different cryptos & tokens

How does TheStandard Work?

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Open a Smart Vault

No personal documents are needed because you are not sending your crypto to anyone but yourself and then brorrowing against your own portfolio

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Brorrow Stablecoins

You can then borrow EUROs for no interest and no time limit to pay it back. Remember that you do need a minimum of 110% collateral so don't borrow too much

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Yield & Trade Crypto

Once you borrow your EUROs, you can place them into your yield account along with TST and start buying crypto at 9.91% under the market price!
You can also take advantage of opportunities by trading your collateral into something else