The primary mission is to democratize finance.

By sucking the life out of banks who have sucked the life out of hard-working and struggling people and families since day dot.

TheStandard has been built to enable anyone to borrow without interest or trusting an authority. By enabling borrowers to trade locked collateral, we start to generate a yield from which participants in a yield account profit.

Collateral needed
Minting fee
collateral types
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TheStandard was the brainchild of Joshua Scigala but had many people contribute over the last 2 years in development.

"We shouldn't need to rely on centralized entities such as FTX, Celsius, or BlockFi, which, despite being regulated, engaged in speculation with user collateral under the guise of offering debt services and ultimately declared bankruptcy. This underscores the importance of building a standard  that simply doesn't need or have access to user funds.

MATH is the ultimate regulator. 2+2 will always equal 4! Smart contracts for the win."
Joshua Scigala

Protocol Roadmap

Phase 1

Planning and research
Planning and research
Write whitepaper
Onboard Advisors
Gather Developers
Raise seed round
Informative Landing Page
Design Front End
Legalities and Compliance
Smart Contract R&D

Phase 2

Launching MVP
Build Community
Over-Collateralise EUROs
Create Partnerships
Launch 1st Smart Vault
Launch Smart Vault NFTs
Launch on DEX
Code Audit
DAO voting

Phase 3

Collateral trading
Liquidation Pools
10 Collateral types
Launch USDs IBCO
CEX listing
Stop Loss, Alarms
USDs Smart Vaults
3 more Pegtokens
Payment process partners

Phase 4

World Domination
Release 10 Pegtokens
100+ collateral types
Smart DCA repay
15 tokenized gold partners
Share pegged Assets
Commodity pegtokens
Most major exchanges
Cross every major chain
Quantum entanglement

User Flow

The values that drive everything we do

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Open source

Free and Open source is the only way to ensure total security. Anybody can test the code that the DAO has created

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When Satoshi created Bitcoin, he didn't think, "Oh, let's create centralized stablecoins, where $1 in some fractionally reserved bank is equal to one token." He thought, "Let's decentralize money." We just make it stable.

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The concept of a DAO is one of the most underrated aspects of crypto. The fact that a community of like-minded people can be invested in the success of a protocol by voting on its direction is stunning.

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All smart contracts can be read, audited, and even cloned. But we don't stop there, our front end and everything else is free and open source.

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TheStandard is innovating ideas like dynamic NFTs. Each Smart Vault is represented by an NFT that updates data from the blockchain about how much debt and collateral that vault has. Anyone can sell their debt and collateral as an NFT and the buyer gets to pay off the debt and remove the collateral.

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Vote on changes you deam important. Join our community on telegram or Discord.

Meet the team

Old-school Bitcoiner cypherpunk cowboys. People who believe in transparency for the powerful, and privacy for the weak.

What our users say about us

“Ok, now we're talkin”

This is the borrowing protocol I have been waiting for. Zero percent interest loans on my portfolio without having to send someone else my crypto. I also love being able to trade my locked collateral to take advantage of market conditions. The other key for me using is the yield accounts. This protocol is going to be massive.

Min-Jun (민준)
Day trader

“The best crypto App”

"Before discovering TheStandard, I felt overwhelmed by the volatile world of crypto. TheStandard has been a game-changer for me. By staking my assets in the Yield Accounts, I've consistently earned fees from the protocol, providing me an income stream. It's not just about the earnings; it's the confidence and peace of mind I've gained, knowing my investments work for me in a secure, transparent ecosystem. Joining TheStandard community was the best decision, empowering me to take control of my financial future."



"Using TheStandard's Smart Vaults to mint EUROs against my crypto assets has revolutionized the way I approach my digital asset portfolio. The seamless process and the ability to trade locked collateral have significantly minimized my liquidation risks, allowing me to leverage market opportunities like never before. The platform's governance model also gives me a voice in its future, making me feel like a valued part of a pioneering community. If you're looking for a platform that offers security, flexibility, and community-driven innovation, TheStandard is where you need to be."

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