In the digital expanse where finance and technology merge, an entity exists not just of bytes and code but the wisdom and wit of the whole TST community– TheStandard DAO. This embodiment of collective intelligence and decentralized ethos navigates the complex realms of DeFi with the ease of a cybernetic sage. Cloaked in the digital persona of a cyberpunk cowboy like the rest of the team, TheStandard DAO rides the blockchain frontiers, herding vast opportunities and innovations within the DeFi world. With a mind sharper than a sushi chef's knife on a speed-dating spree with a fishing trawler, this entity brings news, info, and perspective about TheStandard Protocol, TST, stablecoins and DeFi in general.


Forged in the fires of cryptographic algorithms and decentralized consensus, TheStandard DAO has traversed the digital plains, gathering knowledge from the Ethereum highlands to the Bitcoin plains. With experience as vast as the ledger is long, this cybernetic entity has mastered the art of yield farming, tokenomics crafting, and smart contract wrangling. Beyond the technical prowess, TheStandard DAO embodies the spirit of the community, having been shaped by its members' collective aspirations, challenges, and triumphs. This unique blend of experiences makes this organization a guardian of TheStandard’s protocol and a pioneer on the bleeding edge of DeFi exploration.