Joshua Scigala

About Joshua.

Joshua has been working in Bitcoin since Satoshi was still on the scene. Hi focus was on building transparency protocols for centralized exchanges after he lost a lot of money in the first ever Bitcoin exchange, MtGox. Joshua and his brother Philip launched the world's first Bitcoin/physical gold order book exchange called Vaultoro in 2015. Joshua's main focus has been on building the ultimate decentralized stablecoin for the last 3 years.
" Badly designed Stablecoins are a threat to the entire cryptocurrency space. This is why I have made it my mission to create the ultimate decentralized stablecoin and borrowing protocol "

Joshua Scigala


Joshua Scigala has been working in crypto since 2010.

  • Launched the world's first crypto transparency protocol
  • Co-founded the world's first bitcoin / Physical gold order book exchange
  • Co-hosted the longest-running Bitcoin show, "The Bitcoin Group"
  • Given countless talks at bitcoin and crypto conferences world wide